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About the site:

This UMAT preparation site is designed to provide auckland university students with high quality UMAT material at a much cheaper price. 

To your right is a table to help you understand why you can trust this site compared to others

 If you think this is the right course for you, you can have a look at 'how does it work' or 'how to enrol'

This site: 

Price: $30/twice(3 hrs varies)

Location: Auckland uni one small lecture room

Ability to quit: YES. if you dont like it you can quit

Exam condition: real (small class 10-20 people)

Other UMAT course: 

Price: $600 (varies)

Location: Online.

Ability to quit: NO. this means a waste of $600 to a student.

Exam condition: Online, cant predict exam room atmosphere.

 After reading the above information, you are interested to give it a go. please check out the 2nd page. I'll explain in details. (This is to keep info simple on one page, intended for people who are not interested:))

 *This UMAT course just came out this year, therefore a lot of areas need to be improved, please email me any problems you have*

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