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1. Can I check material before i decide to do it?

2. Can I quit if i do not think its suitable to me?

3. How can I practise 3-hour long real exam material, the one you are providing is 45 mins long?

4. Why can't I take the exam material home?

5. Can I write my own notes?



1. Absolutely yes. but you can not take it with you.

2. YES. unlike most preparation courses you can quit whenever you want to.

3. 1-2 months before your exam, we will be practising 3 hour long real exams. You can get as much practice as you like.

4. Because they are gathered by my friends and me over a long time via different sources (past UMAT exams, online exams, IQ tests, SAT etc) it takes much time and effort to write the material, therefore it can not be circulated in public. thanks for your co-operation.

5. Absolutely, you can write logics on your own notes as much as you would like to.